New Shoot-Through Bowhunting Shields & Game Images


Ground breaking in design and unparalleled in functionality, maneuverability and overall performance, Blind Magnet shields offer you maximum tactical flexibility in the field. These are the most versatile blinds on the market bar none!  They represent the next generation of hunting blinds.   

  • Use as stalking shields or set up as ground blinds 
  • Use with bows, crossbows or guns – highly versatile
  • Lure or stalk game animals with attachable game images
  • Create any size ground blind – modular design
  • Go anywhere and set up anywhere – highly mobile and adaptable
  • Blend in any environment –  choice of camo pattern

We offer four types of blinds with different camo patterns:

1)  Pop-open Mobile Shield for bow/crossbow hunters (Warrior Shield)

2)  Pop-open Hybrid Blinds for gun and bow/crossbow hunters  (InstaShield)

3)  Manually assembled hybrid blinds  (Tactical Shield)  

4)  Revolutionary chukar shield Blind Magnet™ 

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Blind Magnet -  How It Works

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