• Warrior Shield


    This shield is an ideal tool for bow/crossbow hunters to mask their movement while stalking or drawing back.  You can quickly attach it to your bow to stalk on foot, sit against a tree or hunt from a tree stand.  It's lightweight and waterproof and is easily collapsed and folded to fit into your backpack or hunting vest. Currently available in five camo patterns.

    Multiple ways to use:

    • Stalk in open fields where there is little natural cover
    • Use as a highly mobile ground blind 
    • Use on a tree stand
    • Attach game images to attract game (archery season only)
    • Use handle to walk or crawl toward the game. 
    Watch this video to see how the the shield works.  Read about open field stalking.


    1-  Additional Game Images are available HERE 

    2-  Modified Allen Ground Blind Bow Holder is available HERE

    3-  Tripod Swivel Chair for sitting behind the shield is available HERE

    4- Customized Bow Holder for treestand. Get it HERE

    Use of game images are recommended for the archery season ONLY.  We don't recommend using them during any type of firearm season.  All shields come with attachable hunter orange for safety.

    Please read our blog about Bowhunting Shields to learn more about using the shields for open field stalking. 

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