Ground breaking in design and unparalleled in functionality, maneuverability and overall performance, Blind Magnet shields offer you maximum tactical flexibility in the field. These are the most versatile blinds on the market bar none!  They represent the next generation of hunting blinds.   Click HERE to see our products.

Warrior Shield is designed for bow hunting.  It's our smallest shield and can be easily and securely attached to a compound bow.  Warrior Shield ideal for stalking in sparsely wooded or low growth vegetation areas. You can also use it on treestands to conceal your profile and drawback movement.  

InstaShield is a larger version of Warrior Shield.  Highly versatile, it can be used with a bow, crossbow or a gun.  It can function as a stalking shield in open fields or as a ground blind. 

Tactical Shield is a highly mobile portable ground blind that can also function as a stalking shield.  It has a modular design to build a larger blind by using two or more shields as building blocks.  It comes with an optional gun rest for greater shot accuracy.  

Game images are available for Warrior Shield and InstaShield. They can be attached to the shields for stalking/luring game during the archery season. Stalking with game images is recommended during the archery season only.  

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Please read our blog to learn about our shields and how to use them.

The shields come in different Camo Pattens giving you the ability to blend in any type of environment.