Click the links below to watch videos showing the shields in action.  Read the text below the video links to learn more about multiple ways you can use the shields.

Warrior Shield - XL

Closing in on Toms

Tactical Shield Operation  

Bow Holder for Treestand

Open Field Stalking Techniques. If you're hunting in the Great Plains, on farmlands or any open field, where there is little natural cover, the shields would be very useful.  The following instructions are for open field stalking:

  Once you have located the game, plan your route carefully.  Use natural covers as much as you can to close distance.  You can deploy the shield quickly just before you get to a spot where there is no cover.  Slowly and quietly open the shield.  If you're bow hunting you can quickly attach it to your bow using the provided brackets.   For gun hunting, see instructions below. Walk into the open field very slowly and  hold still for a couple of minutes and let the game get used to it.  Patience and keeping your excitement in check are very important in stalking.  Observe the game carefully.  If it stops doing what it's doing and is looking at you or looks jumpy hold still until it calms down.  Crouch behind the shield, walk very slowly and deliberately, pausing frequently to check the animal's behavior.  Try to approach in straight lines and minimize moving sideways or up and down. Turn with the shield, and slant it forward or backward when going down and uphill to keep your legs hidden. 

“The ability to stalk or move without making any sudden quick movements or loud noise is essential to avoiding detection. Always pick your route carefully to keep you concealed… Take steps about half your normal stride when stalking in the upright position. Such strides help you to maintain your balance. You should be able to stop at any point in that movement and hold that position as long as necessary..” (Army Field Manuals). Continue your approach until you're within range.

On Treestand. Warrior Shield used in conjunction with our specially designed Bow Holder serves multiple purposes: Attached to your bow, it not only conceals your profile but it keeps the bow at a comfortable distance right in front of you ready for action.  When it comes to drawing back, the shield not only masks your motion but it eliminates the need to stay drawn for an extended period of time waiting for a clean ethical shot. You can draw only when you need to.


Using with a Gun. Don't hurry the shot, take your time and be patient! Move very slowly behind the shield and when the shot seems imminent, aim through the slot, using it as a gun rest and go through your normal shot routine. To shoot through the slot while stalking, place the blind on the ground and lightly rest the gun barrel on the rim of the slot. The weight of the gun will anchor the blind. The Tactical Shield edition has a Gun Rest you can use in the upright position for greater support and shot accuracy.  

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