Blind Magnet® Hunting Shields

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Did you know the success rate for still hunt is less than 20%?  Why sit and wait for game all day?  Improve your chances by adopting a flexible hybrid strategy.  This means if the game isn’t coming to you, you go to them and cover more ground.  In other words, still hunt when and where the time and place are right, or pick up and go where the action is when the opportunity presents itself.  As simple as that. This is the philosophy behind Blind Magnet                          Shields. Click Here to learn more about our revolutionary approach to hunting.

Blind Magnet Shields are designed to offer you maximum tactical flexibility. You can use them in multiple ways:

As stalking shields or set up as ground blinds 
Attach to your bow, crossbow or use with a gun – highly versatile
Use on Treestand to mask your profile and drawback movement
Blend in any environment –  choice of camo pattern
Choice of game images for bow hunting season

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