Blind Magnet® Hunting Shields

Archery hunting big game, which requires close proximity to the animal is, by its very nature, quite different from hunting the animals using a rifle.  Archery hunting requires superb stalking skills and the ability to conceal your movement while closing in. 

In the Great Plains states, where you have vast flat lands, short grasses and little natural cover getting within range can be daunting for bowhunters.  Learn the Art of Stalking and see how Blind Magnet shields can turn the unbroken vistas into bowhunter-friendly terrain.

Blind Magnet Shields are designed to offer you maximum tactical flexibility. You can use them in multiple ways:

As stalking shields or set up as ground blinds 
Attach to your bow, crossbow or use with a gun – highly versatile
Use on Treestand to mask your profile and drawback movement
Blend in any environment –  choice of camo pattern
Choice of game images for bow hunting season

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